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About Us

about_imgRemote dog training collars are exceptionally effective at conditioning your dog to curtail undesirable behavior as well as enhance communication between you and your pet.

Founded in 2009, DogEd Collars are a team of Remote Dog Training Experts dedicated to creating the safest and most effective shock training collar for your dogs. We are dedicated and committed to developing dog collars of superior design, performance and value with safety and effectiveness foremost in mind.

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Further, as compassionate animal lovers, we rigorously test our products and all other manufacturer products on our site, using a 115 point inspection procedure to ensure they are of the highest safety standards to ensure you have a safe and humane training tool for your dog. Extremely confident in the quality and safety of all products on our site, we can boast of the most consumer friendly guarantee in the pet training collar industry as our collars come with a standard 1 Year Warranty.

With over 20 years combined experience in the dog training industry and innumerable positive feedback from users of our Dog Shock Training Collars; it goes without saying we’re a pet-loving brand, passionate about dogs and dog training.

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