How to Choose the Right Remote Collar?

With all the options on the market, choosing the right collar for your dog can be a very frustrating task. Many remote collars look similar or identical but knowing which is the right one for your situation can be a matter of trial and error. As most companies would say, their collar is best for any situation but we all know this is not true. We have been in the Remote Training Collar business for many years and we have done all the work for you based on our expertise and our customer’s feedback.

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Best Remote Trainer for Small Dogs

There are 2 major factors to consider when choosing a Remote Trainer for a small dog – Stimulation Intensity of the system and Receiver Collar Size & Weight. The obvious, receiver collar size, must be small enough and light weight enough so it does not weigh your dog down. If the collar is too big it will not make proper contact with your dog and as a result will not function properly. Below are the recommended products for small dogs. Both of these products have small, light weight collars that will work perfectly for small dogs. Their intensity levels are at the lower end of the spectrum so it avoids harm to the smaller dogs.

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Best Remote Trainer for Medium & Large Dogs

When it comes to medium and large dogs a remote collar that works for medium dogs would also work for large dogs. Durability and stimulation strength become important factors for larger dogs. Larger dogs may need stronger intensities as they have higher tolerances for distractions. Among our customers surveyed, below are the recommended items for larger dogs: