Dog Tech Professional Remote Trainer

Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

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Who Is This Product Best Suited For?

Our Professional Remote Trainer is our top rated training system. Both the remote and receiver are completely rechargeable and both are 100% waterproof. This system is ideal for indoor and outdoor training and perfect for customers with large backyards and farms. Both the remote and receiver can be charged simultaneously and complete charging only takes 2 hours. Our streamlined easy touch remote allows for quick stimulation engagement to reduce any delay between your dog’s unwanted behavior and the delivered stimulation.

Designed to solve the following problems:

  • Not listing to basic commands (Sit, Stay, Come)
  • Barking & Howling
  • Jumping
  • Running Away
  • Nipping & bitting
  • Chewing & Digging
  • Leash Pulling

Product Specs

  • 3 modes for training (Shock, Vibration & Tone)
  • Control up to 2 dogs with 1 remote
  • 2 hour charge time
  • 16 levels of shock
  • 16 levels of vibration
  • 2,000 feet range
  • 100% Waterproof remote & collar
  • Ideal for call and training pet dogs
  • 1 Year Warranty

Safety & Quality Are First

During the development process of our remote training collars the safety of our beloved pet is the top concern. Yes we are trying to eliminate bad habits or quickly train our best friend but their health and well being is the top priority. We only use top quality resistors and batteries in all our products to ensure the safety of you and your dog.

Poorly manufactured products can short circuit or even exploded while in use or charging. The obvious results are harm to your dog or damage to your home. An example of battery explosion from a low quality remote trainer is shown to the right.

What You Must Know Before You Buy

In designing our products, we work closely with Veterinarians to ensure our product is effective and safe for all dogs. The recommendation of all vets we consulted with has been, the remote training system must have 3 modes of stimulation with varying degrees of intensity. The reason for 3 is because you MUST start with the least intense stimuli, that being vibration, and work your way up to static stimulation (if needed) to find the right correction setting that fits your dogs tolerance. A shock/static collar without a vibration stimuli can be very dangerous and a vibration collar without shock/static can be ineffective. The best remote training collars on the market have Tone, Vibration and Shock/Static stimulations because it is the best and safest way to train a dog. We guarantee that you can train you dog in 30 days with our product.

We Have The Answer
To Your Problem

  • Is your dog rummaging through the garbage and making a disaster of your house?
  • Is your dog’s car chasing causing you worry that he/she may get hit by a vehicle?
  • Is your dog’s constant barking causing you frustration?
  • Do you want your dog to obey your every command and curb his/her bad habits?

What Our Customers Think?

This electronic remote dog training collar is a safe, humane and effective training product. If used properly, the collar’s electronic, vibration & tone stimulation serves as a distraction that your dog will find undesirable. By obeying, your dog quickly learns to shut off the stimulation, thus gaining confidence in response to your commands. Like many of our training products, this collar has adjustable stimulation levels. The vibration, shock & tone features allows you to jump up through three types of stimulation. This feature allows you to use the level & stimulation that matches your dog’s temperament.

Where Do We Stand In the Mix

We understand you are turning to the option of using a remote training collar because the regular treat and conditioning training is not working. When regular training tactics show no results our product is the next step. There have been great successes using our Dog*ED training systems and we are confident you will also see results.

Rescue Dogs To the Rescue

Our main reason for creating this product was to help train rescue dogs. We are a team of dog lovers and trainers and we know rescue dogs are among the hardest train. They can be stubborn and seem to ignore all training tactics. Most times they have come from a past with bad experiences and that can affect temperament for training. Our product has successfully trained thousands of rescue dogs and made them the fun loving dog we want them to be.

Why Is Our Product Priced So Low?

We get this question all the time. With all the technology in your product how can you price it so low? We use a direct manufacturer to consumer model...We have no middle man involved to increase and inflate prices. We could currently sell our product for double the price, which we did 2 years ago, but we have established strong trade partners to purchase high quality materials at a discounted rate, and these savings are now passed on to you. With our company origins in training rescue dogs, we needed to make our product affordable to everyone. Our product does not have a 1 mile range nor voice command (needed for hunting dogs). Our product is specifically for household and farm dog training for medium to large dogs.

Customer Reviews

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Recommneded Product
Love the product 4/2/2017

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Dog Age: 1

This product is a true life saver. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because shipping took 5 days. Product is rock solid and well constructed.

Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
Works great 3/31/2017

Dog Breed: Bullmastiff
Dog Age: 2

This product is one of the best products I ever tried. My dog loves to swim in our pond and it works perfectly after getting wet.