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Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

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Product Description

Who Is This Product Best Suited For?

Our Professional Remote Trainer is our top rated training system. Both the remote and receiver are completely rechargeable and both are 100% waterproof. This system is ideal for indoor and outdoor training and perfect for customers with large backyards and farms. Both the remote and receiver can be charged simultaneously and complete charging only takes 2 hours. Our streamlined easy touch remote allows for quick stimulation engagement to reduce any delay between your dog’s unwanted behavior and the delivered stimulation.

  • 3 modes for training (Shock, Vibration & Tone)
  • Control up to 2 dogs with 1 remote
  • 2 hour charge time
  • 16 levels of shock
  • 16 levels of vibration
  • 2,000 feet range
  • 100% Waterproof remote & collar
  • Ideal for call and training pet dogs
  • 1 Year Warranty

Designed to solve the following problems:

  • Not listing to basic commands (Sit, Stay, Come)
  • Barking & Howling
  • Jumping
  • Running Away
  • Nipping & bitting
  • Chewing & Digging
  • Leash Pulling

Safety & Quality Are First

In order to enter our catalog of remote training products, each manufacturer's product must pass our quality assurance tests to enure it safe for both you and your pet. Failing any of our tests bans the manufacturer from selling with us.

Poorly manufactured products can short circuit or even exploded while in use or charging. The obvious results are harm to your dog, damage to your home or harm to you. An example of battery explosion from a low quality remote trainer is shown to the right.

Customer Reviews

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DOGTECH DEFECT Feb 1, 2018 by Tommy from Louisiana

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Dog Age: 2

“It was working well until the shock stopped working. Contacted customer service and they sent me a new one.  Not pleased that this happened.”

Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
DURABLE January 25, 2018 by Angela from San Diego

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever
Dog Age: 2

“I have had my trainer for 2 months and I am pleased with the durability. I was concerned about the collar being plastic but it has lasted and is still in perfect condition. It works well for rainy days and the charge is long lasting. The speed charge comes in handy when I forget to charge it for our evening walks. Thank you for a wonderful training device that has made my dog an angel.”

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Recommneded Product
HAPPY CUSTOMER January 2, 2018 by Leo from Baltimore

Dog Breed: Great Dane
Dog Age: 2

“I purchased the dual collar set for my Great Danes who are stubborn. They would run after cars and I was so scared they would get hit. I started with the tone on one 1 and then the vibration on the other who was a bit more stubborn. After just 4 days they sit and do not move when a car passes by. The range is amazing which is wonderful for my large property. Great product very happy with my results.”

Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
NOT FOR ME December 17, 2017 by Amanda from Vegas

Dog Breed: Siberian Husky
Dog Age: 2

“Collar looked great but I was not willing to shave the coat/fur on my husky for the device to work effectively. Long prongs would not penetrate.”

Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
PLEASED December 9, 2017 by Julian from Texas

Dog Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Dog Age: 3

“Quality is great on this training device. My only concern is the reinforced collar that is attached to the receiver. Would prefer one that is removable. That being said so far so good with my training. I already see a big difference in my dogs behavior when we go for walks.”

Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
DISAPPOINTED IT DID NOT FIT November 23, 2017 by Jason from Michigan

Dog Breed: Maltipoo
Dog Age: Under 1

“I was disappointed as my dog was too little and was scared of me after the first use. I only tried the tone and it made her scared. I have decided not to use it. I was however please with the quality and the look.”

Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
WORTH EVERY PENNY November 3, 2017 by Sarah from Orlando

Dog Breed: Chow Chow
Dog Age: 2

“I have had a few collars and am very please with this one. It is well made and not cheap.

So far all the functions work well and it has been reliable. The vibrate function is usually sufficient to get my dogs attention. I have used the static shock once and never had to again.

Battery charge is great and long and re-charging is easy and fast. My advice is to go with the pricey model and you won’t regret it.”


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Recommneded Product
TRAINED IN 5 DAYS October 19, 2017 by Karen from New Jersey

Dog Breed: American Foxhound
Dog Age: 3

“Definitely worth the money. I recommend this product to anyone who has a dog that does not listen. Used for 5 days and my dog listens now. I only used the vibration and has great result. Didn’t even have to go past correction 5. Another great thing is that I have not had to recharge it since my purchase.”



Verified Purchase
Recommneded Product
HELPED WITH OUR TRAINING NEEDS October 11, 2017 by John from Minnesota

Dog Breed: Border Collie
Dog Age: 2

“Excellent product, the only issue is that I noticed my dog would run to fast past the distance allowed and it would lose connection. That is my fault as I was not fast enough to realize and make the correction.  Other then that We really love this trainer. It helped with our training needs.”